Companies are riding on the strengths of the Internet infrastructure as well as undergoing corporate repositioning and redirection. Furthermore, new business models arise and companies are beginning to change the way they conduct their business simply because maintaining status quo is not good enough. Innovation, adaptation and pro-active strategies are needed in order for a company to remain or lead in the competitive arena of their industry.

Viper Technologies, Inc. aims to bring and help keep companies in their competitive circles through our expertise, services and solutions, leveraging on creativity and technology.

Viper Technologies, Inc., is a digital agency that offers a full-service approach to advertising and marketing services for the digital space. We provide consulting, strategy and execution for all aspects of our clients’ interactive marketing and advertising initiatives. This include brand identity creation, creative, design, web development, programming and eCommerce. We have the capability to conceptualize, execute and manage rich media campaigns, eLearning tools, and community building.

Viper Technologies, Inc., a brainchild of a group of young entrepreneurs, was formally organized in 1999. During our 9-year history, we have shown innovation, entrepreneurship, and flexibility to changes. We have successfully nurtured ourselves that have molded us to become fast and agile thinkers to meet the most demanding global enterprise. Our ongoing quest for learning has enabled us to present our clients with new business opportunities and the capability to exploit the potentials of eBusiness and communications through alternative media.

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